What Is Air Balancing in HVAC and How Do You Do It?

Air Balancing

What Is Air Balancing?

Air balancing in HVAC (Heating, Ventilation, Air Conditioning), also known as duct balancing, addresses common airflow issues leading to temperature fluctuations in different parts of a property. By improving air circulation, air balancing can lower energy bills and make every room more comfortable year-round.

The HVAC Air Balance Test

While the equipment used may vary slightly, most HVAC technicians take a holistic approach to the air balancing procedure. The process involves more than just adjusting air ducts to balance airflow. Professional testing can identify problems with HVAC controls, underperforming or broken ductwork, and other issues negatively impacting your HVAC system – and costing you money in the process.

Here’s how a professional performs an air balance test:

  • Specialized hoods are installed on air vents or registers throughout the property to measure the volume of air from vents in different areas.
  • Air pressure is measured at the return and supply of the HVAC system. This sets a baseline of the amount of forced air pushed through the system during various phases of operation, including heating, cooling, and when the fan is set to the auto setting.
  • Sensors are placed in several rooms to measure humidity levels and temperature gain or loss at air vents. Changes in humidity and air temperature can detect possible ductwork problems or opportunities to improve insulation.

Solving Air Balance Problems

After duct balance testing, HVAC technicians work with homeowners to resolve issues impacting airflow.

Air balance problems are typically categorized into three buckets:

  1. Control systems – The easiest issues to resolve are related to control systems like thermostats and blower fans. In some cases, thermostat malfunctions or even placement too close to sources of heat or cold can impact readings. HVAC fan speeds can also be tweaked to increase or decrease the volume of air distributed throughout a home.
  • Ductwork repairs – Most often, poor air balance is the result of faulty ductwork. Loose joints, broken or worn seals or ductwork that requires professional cleaning can impair airflow. Even small leaks in the ductwork can have a big impact, especially when attempting to heat or cool spaces physically distant from the furnace or air conditioning unit.
  • Design flaws – Poorly designed HVAC systems or systems using wrong-sized ductwork can be a significant problem. Completely replacing an inadequate or oversized duct network may be cost prohibitive, but professional HVAC technicians can make optimal replacements and improvements to mitigate the effects.

The Benefits of Air Balancing

Investing in air balancing services offers more than a comfortable home – although that’s a pretty exciting benefit.

Some of the other home-enhancing advantages of air balancing include:

  • Lower energy bills. Improved airflow leads to fewer hot and cold spots, so your HVAC system doesn’t have to work as hard to maintain the thermostat setting. This plays a role in lowering home heating and cooling expenses, especially during the extreme temperatures of the summer and winter months.
  • Improved air quality. The more frequently air completes circulation through your HVAC system, the more often it gets filtered. The circulation and filtering enhance air quality, reducing dust build-up and alleviating seasonal allergy symptoms more effectively than a system with poor airflow.
  • Fewer HVAC repairs. Along with regular HVAC maintenance, air balancing can reduce your HVAC system’s workload and give you more trouble-free years of service without expensive emergency repairs.

Air Balancing Company Near Me

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