Mission PHC Featured on KCTV Channel 5

Mission PHC Featured on KCTV Channel 5

A News Reporter Catches Up with Our HVAC Team for Cool Tips

Mission PHC is in the business of making people comfortable, not making the news. But with rising temperatures being a hot topic, we’re happy to contribute to the news cycle with tips on how to stay comfortable.

KCTV recently caught up with our very own Adam Danielson, who had this to say about the importance of an AC tune-up:

“That’s very important for every system, changing your filters, stuff like that, making sure it’s operating properly, just like your car would be.”

Wise words.

The report was timely as Kansas City has been in the grip of an unseasonable heatwave. We may be in for a long, hot summer, folks! Is your air conditioner up to the challenge? Consider scheduling a preventative maintenance inspection to ensure your cooling equipment operates efficiently. Without one, you could be risking a mid-summer breakdown. Believe us, you do not want to be without air conditioning in the middle of July in Kansas City.

Even better, sign up for our comprehensive A/C maintenance plan. You won’t have to remember to schedule your service. We’ll remind you! We offer monthly and yearly plans to keep your air conditioner in peak operating condition, helping preserve your comfort and slash your cooling costs.

Want to learn more? Contact us today at (913) 347-5425 to find out how we can prolong the lifespan of your A/C.