Overland Park, KS - Comparing Air Conditioner Repair vs. Replacement Services

It's summertime, which means one thing - hot, sticky weather! If your air conditioner isn't working correctly, it can be an absolute nightmare. Do you repair or replace your air conditioner?

That is the question many Overland Park residents are asking themselves right now. This blog post will compare air conditioner repair vs. replacement services to help you make the best decision for your home.

1. The Age of Your Air Conditioner

The age of your air conditioner is an essential factor to consider when deciding whether to repair or replace it. If the air conditioning system is more than 15 years old, it is probably not worth repairing.

On the other hand, it can be worth repairing if your air conditioner is less than 15 years old. The cost of repairs will likely be less than replacing your air conditioner.

Another critical factor to consider is the severity of the problem. If the air conditioner needs a major repair, such as a new compressor, it is probably not worth repairing. The repair cost will be more than replacing your air conditioner.

2. The Cost of Repairs Vs. the Cost of a Replacement Unit

The next factor you'll want to consider is the cost of repairs vs. the cost of a replacement unit. If a unit is older, it may not be as energy-efficient as newer models, meaning your repair costs could be higher than the price of a new unit. On the other hand, if your unit is relatively new and under warranty, the cost of repairs may be covered.

You'll want to add the cost of your time. For example, if you have to take time off work to meet with repair technicians, that's time you're not getting paid for. And if the repair takes several days, you could be without air conditioning during a heat wave, which is never fun.

3. The Availability of Parts for Your Air Conditioner Model

Some components of the air conditioner, such as the compressor, may be very difficult or impossible to find parts for. In this situation, it would be crucial to replace the entire unit. If your air conditioner is still under warranty, you may be able to get repair services covered by the manufacturer.

4. Your Home's Insulation and Weatherization

Cooled air escapes when your home is not adequately insulated, and warm air enters. It makes your AC unit work harder to maintain the desired temperature, leading to higher energy bills and shortened equipment life.

If you're unsure whether your home needs more insulation, perform an energy audit. An auditor will assess your insulation levels and recommend ways to improve them. In addition, you may be eligible for weatherization assistance, which provides free or low-cost services to low-income households.

5. The Amount You Use Your AC

Lastly, how much you use your air conditioner will also play a role. If you are constantly running their AC, it might make more sense to replace the unit outright. However, if you only use it sparingly, repair might be the best option.

Final Thoughts

Mission Plumbing, Heating, and Cooling is a company that is dedicated to providing the best possible service for its customers. They have been in the business for over 35 years and have a team of skilled professionals ready to help you with any repair or replacement needs.

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